Valspar Intermix Tinters - 34 Options Available


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Valspar Refinish intermix tinters are high concentrate universal toners that are compatible with all Valspar Refinish topcoat binders.

The compact range of 32 toners consists of both solid and metallic colours allowing a full range of automotive colours to be achieved. Valspar Automotive takes pride in delivering the very best in color matching technology, support and service. Our global color labs and tools allow us to match any OEM and/or custom color needs that you may have.

A72 L.F Orange 1Qt
G85 Blue Green 1Qt
G59 Green 1Qt
S61 Medium Aluminium 1Qt
S99 Bright Coarse Aluminium 1Qt
Y75 Transparent Yellow Oxide 1Qt
W95 Micro White 1Qt
S65 Coarse Aliminium 1Qt
R115 Scarlet 1Qt
S43 Silver Dollar Metallic Fine Low VOC 1Qt
Y107 Gold Aliminium 1Qt
G117 Transaprent Green Gold 1Qt
Y78 Red Shade Gold 1Qt
S42 Silver Dollar Metallic Bright Low VOC 1Qt
Y53 Yellow Oxide 1Qt
R52 Oxide Red 1Qt
K100 Super Jet Black 1Qt
R81 Quido Violet 1Qt
Y112 Bright Yellow 1Qt
Y69 Red Shade Yellow 1Qt
Y71 L.F Lemon Yellow 1Qt
L113 Sapphire Blue 1Qt
S57 Fine Aliminuim 1Qt
L60 Red Shade Blue II 1Qt
L90 Neutral Blue II 1Qt
R66 Valspar Magenta 1Qt
L86 Carbozle Violet 1Qt
K73 Jet Black Black Intermix Tinters GAL
W51 White Intermix Tinters GAL
S105 Fine Bright Aluminium 1Qt
W51 White Intermix Tinters GAL
K54 Black Intermix Tinters GAL
R101 Fast Maroon 1Qt
FX01 Effect Additive 1Qt