Valspar AD4200 Air Cure Clear 1 GAL

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An air dry clearcoat which dries rapidly without any baking required. This clearcoat offers wet-on-wet application, with no flash time required between coats. It is easy to spray with superior flow and leveling.

Valspar’s new AD4200 Air Cure Clearcoat and AD4221 Air Cure Clearcoat Low VOC use a wet-on-wet application, requiring no flash time between coats and offering a dry time of as little as 30 minutes, depending on conditions. With clean shop conditions, this product lays out to such a fine finish, nib sanding and buffing are usually not necessary.

VOC: National Rule.
Activator: HPC400 Air Cure Clear Activator Slow and HPC420 Air Cure Clear Activator Medium.
Reducers: 171-174 HP Reducer Series.
Mix Ratio: 4:1:0-5%.