Valspar 170 Aqua Clean GAL

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A water based multi purpose cleaner for use in the initial and final steps of surface preparation. Aqua Clean is a low VOC product.

Aqua Clean 170 removes:

- Wax & Grease.
- Silicone.
- Adhesives.
- Tree Sap.
- Insects.
- Dust & Dirt.
- Sanding Residue.

Aqua Clean 170 is specifically designed for ALUMINIUM substrates but can also be used on:

- Sanded Surfaces.
- OEM finishes.
- Cured Sealers.
- Sanded Primers.
- Plastics.

Technical Tips: Aqua Clean 170 should not be allowed to dry on the surface. If this occurs re apply using a clean cloth and wipe off. Ideal for sensitive surfaces. May be used as a wet sanding lubricant. May be applied with spray bottle.