Valspar 155 Surface Cleaner GAL Valspar Refinish

SKU: 155G61

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Surface Cleaner 155 is a slow flashing cleaner designed for surface preparation before sanding for the Automotive Refinish market.

It is also designed as a final surface cleaner before application of topcoats. Surface Cleaner 155 is supplied ready for use and has no pot life.

Surface Cleaner is formulated to remove:
- Wax & Grease
- Oil
- Dust & Dirt
- Silicone
- Hand & Finger Prints
- Adhesives

Substrates include:
- Sanded and un-sanded surfaces
- OEM finishes
- Cured Sealers
- Sanded Primers

Technical Tips: Surface Cleaner 155 should not be allowed to dry on the surface. If this occurs re apply using a clean cloth & wipe off. For sensitive areas use Aqua Clean 170.

Not recommended for plastics –Refer PR1