Troton UBS Stone Guard 1LT - 3 Colors Available


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This product is designed to protect car bodies from gasoline, oil, water and salt. 1Lt to use with A206 spray gun.

It creates a strong and flexible layer resistant to stone hits. It also has soundproof properties. The product is based on synthetic resin. It does not contain asphalt and bitumen. It may be over coated with any acrylic lacquer.

Carton quantity 12.

T1985 - TROTON UBS STONE GUARD - WHITE 1LT (Thinner Viscosity).
T1986 - TROTON UBS STONE GUARD - BLACK 1LT (Thinner Viscosity).
T1987 - TROTON UBS STONE GUARD - GREY 1LT (Thinner Viscosity).