Troton Rangers Epoxy Primer Aerosol 400ml

SKU: R9978

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Designed to prepare the surface for applying Rangers top coat bedliners.

The product has excellent anticorrosion properties and guarantees, very good adhesion and insulation from moisture. Is perfect for spot repairs and bare metal before applying Rangers top coat. Can be applied directly on steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and old paint coatings. 

Avoid heavy coats, spray enough to cover any bare metal spot repairs, 2 light coats with 10 minutes between coats at 20 degrees C. Leave 60 minutes to dry before applying Rangers top coat. Preferably overnight to fully cure. 


- Surface should be dry sanded, degreased, cleaned and dry.
- Before using shake aerosol can for 3 minutes.
- Apply 2 light coats.