Troton Anti Corrosive Isolation Primer 3:1 Kits 1Lt - 2 Speeds Available


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2-pack acrylic high build primer for all automotive repairs. Hardener Included.

Easy mixing and application, very short curing time, good filling and isolation properties. Acryl Filler 3:1is designed to be applied over: Bare steel, aluminum, polyester laminates (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, polyester spraying fillers, wash primers, acryl fillers and epoxy fillers.

Very good anticorrosive protection of steel surfaces.
Strong adhesion to various surfaces.
Very good isolating properties.
Short hardening time.
Applicable with the wet on wet technique.

Hardeners Included.

T2113 - Troton Anticorrosive Isolation Primer 3:1 Fast - Kit 1lt.
T2114 - Troton Anticorrosive Isolation Primer 3:1 Standard - Kit 1lt.

Carton quantities 6.