Air Powered 20Lt Spray Gun Wash Machine Capacity of 2

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Handles all of your paint gun cleaning needs in one easy station.

When you run a smash repair shop with high-quality tools, you want to make sure you're getting the most use out of your investment and spray gun wash machines are a big part of that. The right paint gun wash machine will reduce paint waste and ensure a cleaner, more effective way to recycle your solvents.

Perhaps even better a regular, well-maintained paint gun wash system won't take up a large portion of your day. By tapping into high pressure features, swirl action jets, air flushing, and built-in recyclers, you can handle all of your paint gun cleaning needs in one easy station. Streamline the way you clean your tools and meet all local environmental standards at the same time.

The tank is robustly manufactured and delivers sufficient solvent to clean two guns and pots in each washing cycle. The air supply is automatically cut off when the lid is opened. If it does not stop, you can just turn the valve at the air inlet.


Gravity / Siphon / Pressure feed paint spray gun appearance cleaning.
Spray gun inner paint tube cleaning.
Paint cup cleaning.


Maximum working air pressure: 100psi.
Working air pressure range: 40-60psi.
Maximum air valve speed: 160 cycles / min (40psi).
Compression ratio of air to liquid: 1:1.
Maximum Liquid Flow: 5 gpm ( 19 Ltrs/min ) water tested (3 min).
Gun Capacity: 2.
Air inlet port: 1/4"pt.
liquid inlet/outlet port: 3/8"pt.
Pump body material: Aluminium Alloy.
Pump weight: 2.15kg.
Net weight: 33.5kg.
Overall Size: 645 x 465 x 1008 mm.