6" Soft Interface Pad 6+1 Hole

SKU: 61SP40

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The Velcro Soft Interface Pad is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of automotive refinishing work. This pad will not wear down quickly and will last you for many projects to come.

Constructed of soft durable foam which allows the technician to follow contours and get closer to edges while minimising burn through. Dust Free holes align with Dust Free and Clean Sanding discs.

Trying to use sanding discs on your polishing machine? Our soft foam interface pads function as a damping element between the abrasive and the machine; allowing you to tackle uneven surfaces with less chance of the sanding disc grabbing and digging the edges into the surface. Sanding interface discs also help to reduce the amount of orange peel removed and in turn are a great way to remove scratches and damage from clear coat surfaces with sandpaper.

These interface pads are made with soft foam and are water-resistant. They have a hook and loop interface on both sides to attach to a hook and loop machine backing plate while also accepting a standard velcro sanding disc. Multiple sizes are available. Note: these do not work with adhesive-backed sanding discs.