Smirdex 8" Velcro Discs 8 Hole - Packs of 50

SKU: 8S8VD-50

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Applications Automotive, Composites, Wood & Marine.

The 820 series consists of supreme performance abrasive papers. Focusing on car body repair and marine industries, they are suitable for sanding primers, putties and varnishes.Furthermore, they are ideal for furniture industry, sanding efficiently all kinds of wood. The open coat structure and the stearate top coat enhance their durability, preventing clogging and loading.The special treated Aluminium Oxide grains provide fast cutting results with very high removal rates.

Technical specifications:

Automotive, Composites, Wood, Marine.

D-wt, C-wt semi latex paper.

Resin over resin.

Open, Special stearate coating against clogging and loading.

Blue fired aluminum oxide (ALOX).