Rangers (Rock iT) 2K Coating Black 840ml - Single

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More than 100 different use possibilities in the automotive, industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors!

RANGERS Polyurethane protective coating with structure effect.

We are pleased to inform about the newest addition to our extensive range of automotive products – RANGERS developed on the highest quality raw materials. RANGERS provides great protection against the toughest mechanical and chemical damages. It creates an extremely strong and durable 2K urethane coating recommended for pick-up trucks, heavy-duty commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, caravans, SUVs, etc. The product gives a structure effect and is available in black and in a tintable version. Color can be added to the tintable Rangers version by the addition of diluting products (detailed instructions available in TDS sheet). Can be applied after thinning with an UBS antigravel gun or conventional gravity feed gun.


Very tough durable coating.
Great chemical resistance (oil, gasoline, water, salt).
Great mechanical resistance (scratches, stains).
Resistant to climatic conditions.
Contains UV filters preventing color fading.
Resistant to high temperatures.
High anti-corrosion protection (anticorrosive agents in formulation).
Soundproofing properties.
Can be applied in thick layers.
Anti-slip structure (Troton’s anti – slip additive).


Automotive undercoating and chassis.
Automotive primer – specially in car renovations.
Bed liner.
Body panels.
Trunk interiors.
SUV floor.
Bull bars.
Wheel arches.
Off-road vehicle transmissions.