Master Turbo Glaze 450ml

SKU: M10186

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The fastest on the market! Very easy application – self-smoothing effect Low specific gravity. Very easy to sand, even after full curing.

Top-quality, quick-drying and finishing polyester glaze filler characterized by a very easy application thanks to its “self-levelling” effect. It is designed for car body repairs – ideal for use on large surfaces, and smart fast repairs. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, the putty is distinguished by reduced shrinkage (as much as 95% compared to standard products) and a very short drying time.


Instantly ready for sanding (the fastest on the market).
Very easy application – self-levelling effect.
Low specific weight.
Very easy sanding even after being fully cured.
Reduced shrinkage of 95% in comparison with other standard glaze fillers.
Excellent adhesion to zinc coated steel and aluminum.


The product shows very good adhesion to various surfaces. It can be applied over:

Black steel and zinc coated steel as well as aluminum after flatting and degreasing.
Sanded polyester glass fiber laminates (GFK / GRP), polyester body fillers and putties, acrylic and epoxy primers, and old paint coatings in good condition.

Caution: Do not apply body fillers directly on reactive primers, 1-component acrylic and nitrocellulose products.

PC: M10186 - Carton quantity 6.