Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System Set

SKU: 573-001

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Ideal for repairing plastic bumpers, grills, screens, cracked the mounting clips and all other kinds of plastic parts.

By welding staple items in various shapes such as: V, W, or U can combine elements of plastic. Staples of different form, are placed in the electrode and immersed in the repaired item, creating a resistant high-strength armor. Long electrodes facilitate access to difficult places available. The three degrees allows for convenient selection by the right kind of work.

Power Source: AC 230 Volt
Power Consumption: 50Hz, 12,6W Output, Low Setting: 0,62V (4.9A) Output, Medium Setting: 0.66V (5.2A) Output, High Setting: 0.68V (5.6A)
Plug Cable Length: 160 cm
Grip Cable Length: 150 cm
Net Weight: 1,45 kg