Formula 1 Tyre Gloss 473ml

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Gives Tires a Deep, Wet Look Gloss That Lasts for Weeks. Advanced polymers, rich silicone's and moisturising oils give tires a sleek, wet look.

Formula 1's longest lasting shine.
Easy to use just spray and walk away. 

Car Care Tip: Glossy black tires can make any car look better. With Formula 1 Tire Gloss you have the best cleaning power plus deep conditioning to bring out the best in black tires. Here's a tip: After cleaning and conditioning with Tire Gloss, apply a layer of Formula 1 Premium Carnauba Wax to your tire. You will see an even deeper black gloss plus a protective coating to keep them looking great. To make the whole wheel look its best, use Formula 1 Wheel Cleaner to remove brake dust and bring out the original shine.