Formula 1 Premium Liquid Wax 473ml

SKU: 517358

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Ultimate Brilliant Shine and Lasting Super-Polymer Protection.

Thick, rich liquid wipes on and off easily, leaving a durable Super Polymer shine.
Use on all auto exterior surfaces, even black rubber and bumpers.
Gives supreme protection against UV rays, rain and dirt.
Can be used in sun or shade.
Leaves no white residue

Crosslinked polymers are the latest in car wax protection and shine. Formula 1 provides this advanced technology in our newest line of Premium products. Premium Liquid Wax is even easier to use than Paste. When applying, squeeze the liquid out in a straight line. This will keep the application even as you spread across the car in circular motion. Formula 1 Super Shine is great for applying Liquid Wax and is custom made for auto care. Once fully waxed, your car is shining bright with protection that is ready for anything.