Formula 1 Complete Compound 473ml

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Restores weathered and damaged paint finishes to their original beauty. Easily handles the toughest paint problems like scratches, bird droppings, water spots and oxidation.

Restores Color and Shine to Dull, Worn Finishes!

Advanced polishing compounds remove surface paint damage without scratching.
Gives paint a deep, beautiful shine.
Hand or machine application. Safe for use with orbital buffers or high speed polishing machines.
Clear coat safe.

Car Care Tip:
Over the years, all cars lose their shine from sunlight, oxidation and dirt embedded in the clearcoat. But with a little help from Formula 1 Complete Compound, you can restore your car to its showroom shine. First, clean the surface of your car. We recommend using Formula 1 Wash & Wax. Then apply Complete Compound to the surface using a microfiber cloth. Once dry, buff off in a circular motion. Formula 1 Super Shine microfiber is great when using Compete Compound. If you want the newly-restored shine to last, apply a protective coating of Formula 1 premium grade Carnauba Wax after polishing with Complete Compound. Together they will ensure your car looks like new and lasts!