Crystal Tack Cloth Premium Grade 18 x 36" - Boxes of 12

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Optimal for use in all finishing stages where particle contamination may be of concern.

Well-known in the OEM/Automotive manufacturing industry, Crystal Clear Tack Cloth is used to provide a contaminant-free surface before painting to prevent defects. Tack cloths are designed to eliminate dust on any surface.

Generally, tack cloths are part of contamination control practices in fine finishing, which may also include sweeping or blow-off (recommended only in a positive pressure environment where dirty air is replaced with filtered, clean air), vacuuming, solvent wiping and other methods, depending on the process. Tack cloth remains essential in many "Class A" painting/finishing processes such as automotive assembly paint process.

A commercial quality tack cloth, one that's chosen properly for a given application, can be optimal for use in all finishing stages where particle contamination may be of concern.

How to use?

Prior to using the tack cloth, vacuum off or wipe down the surface with a clean, dry cotton towel or rag. The aim is to get rid of as much dirt and debris as possible before using the tack cloth, but without forcing the dirt into the surface. Using very light strokes, draw the tack cloth across the surface to be cleaned. Do not exert hard pressure on the cloth, as this will smear the surface with wax rather than removing dust. You can visually test for dust and debris by shining a light across the surface at a low angle with the room lights turned off or down. This will highlight any particles remaining on the surface. If wiping leaves wax residue on the surface, first try wiping down the surface with a clean dry cotton cloth. If that doesn't work, your only recourse is to lightly sand off the wax with a fine grit sandpaper. Dispose of used tack cloths in standard household garbage.

What can it be used on?

Tack Cloths are commonly used on cars and boats but they offer their fibres to many surfaces, such as doors, windows, dry walls, cabinetry, etc.

Tech Data / Specs:

Used in any clearcoat/basecoat applications.
Anti-Static, Non-Toxic, Safe and Odourless.
Removes dust, lint, metal or other contaminants.
Compatible with all paints and finishes.
Leaves surfaces smooth and free from residue.
Always soft and pliable.
Store in a container that keeps them clean and free from dirt, dust and water.
12 pack.
18" x 36" in size.