Combined Air Paint Fluid Hose 10mt

SKU: 069010-10

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Twin hose's are designed to carry air and fluid from a pressure pot or double diaphragm pump to your spray gun.

Features :Ultra Flexibility(Even at cold temperatures).

Light Weight.

Twin Hose Desing means no duct-tape or Zip-Ties needed.

Standard 3/8" NPS (Female) Fluid Fittings.

Standard 1/4" NPS (Female) Air Fittings.

Reusable Fluid and Air Fittings Allows end user to cut hoses and re-attach for their specific configuration.

Length: Air- 25ft / Fluid- 24ft 6.5inFluid end is slightly shorter for comfortable fit with our 2.5 gallon HVLP setup. Again, fittings are reusable, so user can cut to their specific length if needed.