Car-Reps Brake Caliper Sprays 400ml - 3 Colours Available


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Customizing brake calipers has never been easier. Car-Rep Caliper Paint is a durable, protective coating resistant to chipping, brake dust, and automotive chemicals.

Formulated with Acrylic/Alkyd resins, this high gloss coating resists temperatures up to 260'C. Car-Rep Caliper paint is available in an aerosol can for applying to brake calipers when removed from your vehicle, and also in a brush-on kit for applying when your brake calipers are not removed from your vehicle.

For optimal preparation of your painting clean the brake calipers with Car-Rep Grease Off. Then prime with Car-Rep Anti-Rust Primer.

PC: CR01064 - Brake Caliper - Red 400ml.
PC: CR01065 - Brake Caliper - Blue 400ml.
PC: CR01066 - Brake Caliper - Yellow 400ml.