Car-Rep RUBBERcomp Removable Rubber Sprays 400ml - 14 Colours Available


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RUBBERcomp is a sprayable multi-purpose, air drying specialty rubber coating.

It protects items against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, and skidding/slipping, and provides a comfortable, controlled grip. It remains flexible and will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions from -30°C to +90°C. Easy to peel off.

Clean the surface of oils, grease, dirt, wax and loose rust. Shake the spray can well before use. Spray a small test patch on an invisible area. Previously painted surfaces with 1-component paintsmight react with RUBBERcomp. Spray several thin layers. 4 paint layers are needed for adequate film thickness. Let the surface dry about 10-20 min. between each layer. Thicker layers will take longer to dry. Clean the nozzle by spraying the can upside down for approx. 3-4 seconds. Wipe off any excess paint from nozzle if necessary.


Ensure that the area in which you intend to paint is dust-free, well-ventilated, and that the ambient temperature is at least 20°C. Wash the surfaces and clean them of any impurities before you begin to paint. After cleaning, dry the surface with a cloth; avoid paper towels as they usually leave dust behind on the surface. Protect all the surfaces you do not wish to paint.

Mix well before use. If the surface is already painted, paint a test area to check the suitability of the rubber paint. The rubber paint may react with surfaces treated with single-component paint. When spray-painting, several coats of paint are required to achieve a sufficiently thick layer. Always begin spraying the paint before you bring the spray over the area you wish to paint. Spray evenly and work slowly at a distance of around 15cm - 20cm from the surface. Allow each coat to dry for 10-20 minutes between painting sessions until the surface is dust-dry. Remember that the drying time for each coat will lengthen as the thickness of the layer increases. Inspect and clean the nozzle opening regularly to avoid spatter.

Once you have thoroughly painted the surface, check to make sure that you have painted all of the surface. Never touch a treated surface that is either wet or not completely dry. Paint subsequent coats in different directions, perpendicular to the first coat. Remember that you can turn the red nozzle opening to adjust the nozzle and paint spray if you wish. The best result is achieved by patiently applying several coats. A sufficiently thick layer of rubber paint can be easily peeled off; this is achieved after around four coats. We recommend a coat of white paint as a base to ensure that neon colours are as bright as possible.

Once the final coat has been painted and is still wet, you can remove the protective taping or any other protection in direct contact with the treated surface. All other protection should be left in place and removed only once the paint has dried, or by cutting it open with a knife once the RUBBERcomp® is completely dry. We recommend a plastic blade for cutting.

Drying time: (20°C, 50% relative humidity):
Dust-dry: approx. 10-20 minutes
Dry to the touch: approx. 30-60 minutes
Completely dry: after 4-8 hours
Final hardness: approx. 2 days
Drying times may be longer at cooler temperatures.

Coverage: Spray approx. 0.5m2 / can (4 coats)
For e.g. wheel rims (17 inch, series, 4 coats), you will need 3-4 cans.

PC: CR191210 Rubber Comp - Matt Black 400ml
PC: CR191215 Rubber Comp - Black 400ml
PC: CR192220 Rubber Comp - White 400ml
PC: CR193310 Rubber Comp - Transparent 400ml
PC: CR193320 Rubber Comp - Transparent Gloss 400ml
PC: CR196170 Rubber Comp -Neon Orange 400ml
PC: CR196200 Rubber Comp - Neon Green 400ml
PC: CR196220 Rubber Comp - Neon Red 400ml
PC: CR198030 Rubber Comp - Blue 400ml
PC: CR198050 Rubber Comp - Red 400ml
PC: CR198110 Rubber Comp Camo - Beige Matt 400ml
PC: CR198120 Rubber Comp Camo - Green Matt 400ml
PC: CR198160 Rubber Comp Camo - Brown Matt 400ml
PC: CR199970 Rubber Comp -Gun Metal Grey 400ml