Car-Rep Heat Resistant 600C 400ml - 4 Colours Available


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Car-Rep Heat Resistant 600 Spray is an easy-to-use aerosol paint with a heat-resistance of up to +600°C.

Examples of use: external surfaces of fire places, boilers, chimneys and grills and vehicle exhausts where the surface temperature does not exceed +600°C.

After application let the surface dry at +20°C for 30 minutes. Painted surface achieves its final properties after 60 minutes of heating at +200°C.

When several layers of paint are used the surface should be also heated in between applications.

PC: CR01090 - Heat resistant - White 400ml (600*C).
PC: CR01091 - Heat resistant - Silver 400ml (600*C).
PC: CR01092 - Heat resistant - Black 400ml (400*C).
PC: CR01093 - Heat resistant - Red 400ml (250*C).