Car-Rep Etch & Weld Through Primer Copper 500ml

SKU: CR01019

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Adheres to metal, aluminium, zinc and galvanised steel. Sandable, weldable. 1K Spray.

A quick drying and durable anti-corrosive agent for any metal. Rich copper formula enables superior conductive properties and excellent adhesion direct to metal. Particularly to protecting corrosion spots, welding seams, drilling holes and other areas susceptible to metal corrosion. Joints can welded even after primer has been applied. 

Drying time: dust dry 15 min, touch dry 20 min, completely dry in 1 hour (+23 degrees C). Over paintable with most one-component paints except alkyd based paints. We recommend to always batch test on a small, invisible area before applying zinc on the object. 


Coverage: 1,5m2.
High filling power.
Heat resistant 200C.
Rust stop.