Car-Rep Bumper Paint 400ml - 4 Colours Available


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Car-Rep Acrylic Bumper Spray which can be directly applied to plastic surfaces without the need to prime and gives synthetic surfaces a silky, semi-gloss shine.

Bumper paints offer a very short drying time and more wear resistant surface than the traditional spray paints, which are based on synthetic or nitro binders. The coating is very hard giving an excellent protection for wear and stone chips.

Coverage: Depending on consistence and color of the ground: 400 ml are sufficient for 2 medium sized bumpers.

Drying time: dust-dry: after around 20-30 minutes, dry to touch: after around 1 hour, completely dry: after 24 hours.

PC: CR01082 - Bumper Paint - Light Grey 400ml.
PC: CR01083 - Bumper Paint - Dark Grey 400ml.
PC: CR01084 - Bumper Paint - Anthracite 400ml.
PC: CR01085 - Bumper Paint - Satin Black 400ml.