Car-Rep Adhesive 500ml

SKU: CR01205

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Car-Rep Adhesive is a quick-drying glue for sticking light materials. Suitable for gluing paper, cardboard, fabric, felt, rubber, fiberglass, cellular plastic and most plastics.

Car-Rep® Adhesive adheres to almost any smooth and rough surfaces. Not suitable for vinyl plastic or vinyl surfaces. Not absorbed by the glued surface. Practically colourless and water resistant.

For temporary fixing, spray glue on only one of the surfaces to be glued. In order to achieve permanent fixing, spray glue on both of the surfaces to be glued. Shake the can for about 1 minute before use and shake again from time-to-time during use. The glue and glued objects must be at room temperature (+16…+32 °C).

Spray from a distance of approximately 20cm. Let the glue dry before fastening. After use, clean the nozzle: turn the bottle to an upright position and press the nozzle until only propellant emerges from the bottle.