Car-Rep Acrylic Primers - 4 Colours Available


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Car-Rep® primers offer a superior adhesion. No abrasion after priming is needed.

Car-Rep® primers are compounds of professional car refinish priming paste, acrylic binders and pastes of car refinishing OE quality. They are designed to level smoothly, cover efficiently and dry quickly. Car-Rep® primers offer a superior adhesion. No abrasion after priming is needed. The primed area is ready to be painted immediately after priming. It is recommended however to wait for 15 minutes after priming for the best finish. Due to the acrylic base Car-Rep® primers are compatible with most of the overcoats, also with synthetic and nitro based primers. Can be applied on metal, wood, aluminum, glass, stone and many plastics.

Can be primed even on galvanized surfaces or old lacquers after cleaning with Car-Rep® Grease Off. Overcoat can be applied either directly to primed surface or after wet-sanding with sandpaper of grain 400.

Preparation: the surface to be painted has to be clean, dry and free of any grease. Make sure you protect adjacent surfaces not to be painted by covering them. To test paint compatibility, try out the paint first. Attention: shake the spray can for at least 2 minutes, even after the mixing granules have come loose from the bottom of the bottle, and also occasionally during painting. When painting, keep the bottle in its upright position, at the distance of ca 30 cm from the treated surface. For optimum results: apply 2-3 thin layers to the surface. Let dry between layers for 3-5 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes. To clean the nozzle, turn the bottle upside down and spray until gas is coming out of the bottle. It is recommended to wear protective clothing and goggles when painting. Touch-dry 30min, dry 24h. Sandable 45-60min.

PC: CR01010 - Acrylic Primer - Grey 500ml.
PC: CR01011 - Acrylic Primer - White 500ml.
PC: CR01012 - Acrylic Primer - Red 500ml.
PC: CR01013 - Acrylic Primer - Black 500ml.