Bug & Tar Remover 473ml

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Quickly Removes Bugs, Tar and Tree Sap. Easily removes soil from all exterior surfaces. Powerful solvents penetrate and lift stubborn stains. Leaves a deep shine. Clearcoat safe.

Car Care Tip: Bugs, tar, dirt and grime stick to your car and don't come off easily. When a deep clean is needed, Formula 1 Bug & Tar is the best solution. It has the strength to remove the toughest buildup without damaging the surface. It can be tempting to scrub with a rough bristle brush or something from the kitchen, but that will scratch the surface. Formula 1 Super Sponge has a coarse side to safely scrub off tough dirt and grime without scratching. After removing the gunk, put a protective coat of Formula 1 Paste Wax to make the job easier next time!