Brayt T4 Protect Liquids - 3 Sizes Available


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T4 Protect liquid is a fine grained polishing paste to refresh the surface which leave an invisible protection film against the contamination.

Increase the paint life by 40 – 50% and reduce dirt accumulation by 70 – 80%. Applicable for protection on painted surfaces, gelcoat and poly carbonate. Also has a slightly abrasive properties that allow you to remove minimum size defects and holograms. Is suitable for gelcoat and all automotive paints including Acrylic, two-component, single-component, water-based and OEM. Can also be used for ceramic anti-scratch paints. Increases paint gloss and protect against UV rays, acid rain, tree resins, insects and oxidation. Applied by hand or eccentric polishing machine with polishing sponge. For high glossy finish without haze and holograms use soft polishing sponge.


Protective action for minimum 6 months
Suitable for all types of coating.
Water-based productive.
Easy to use.
Can be applied by hand or by machine.
Contains UV filters.
Processing: manual work, mechanical work (orbital).

PC: B5446 Bryat T4 Protect Liquid 250ml
PC: B5447 Bryat T4 Protect Liquid 500ml
PC: B5448 Bryat T4 Protect Liquid 1lt