Brayt T3 Quick Wax & Shine 500ml

SKU: B12152

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Polishing leaves an excellent and protected finish including delicate colors. Perfect for removing traces of abrasive compound, haze etc. Operates as anti – static there by creating additional protection.

Is designer to all types of paint (including HS, 2K, acrylic, nitro, synthetic, traditional clear coat and anti-scratch) plastic, rubber, dashboard, glass, gelcoat etc. Can be applied by hand or by machine using soft polishing sponge. Silicone and silica free.

- Suitable for all types of surface including plastics (inside and outside of the car), glass, rubber, leather without leaving a trace.
- Spray on the painted surface should be polished and remove with microfiber cloth.
- Product works as a system with BRAYT T1 polishing compound, BRAYT T2 finishing compound and BRAYT T One Step polishing compound.
- Can be used in all conditions (even in the sunshine) with the exception of precipitation and temperature less than 0o C.
- Surface to be treated must be clean.

Manual work:

- Spray evenly on the surface and gentry spread.
- Clean microfiber cloth.

Mechanical work (DA):

- Spray evenly on the surface and gently spread in a low speed range (soft polishing foam).
- Increase speed and polish until perfect gloss will be obtained.