Brayt T2 Anti-Hologram & Micro-Scratch Remover - 3 Sizes Available


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A new generation formula designed to remove holograms and micro scratches on painted surfaces

Suitable to eliminate traces after polishing, guarantees perfect gloss and creates a protective layer resistant to detergents. Due to its efficiency T2 Antihologram and Micro-scratch Remover significantly reduces the cost of polishing.

- Eliminates holograms, polishing marks and operational defects.
- Can be applied with all types of applicators.
- Suitable for all types of coating.
- Water – based product.
- Can be use on very difficult surfaces.
- Easy to use.
- Can be applied by hand or by machine.


1. In case of polishing on big surface work a small area at time.
2. Apply compound on polishing pad. It’s recommended to use a small amount because its excess will increase working time.
3. First use polisher in low speed range to accurately distribute product in the surface. Work in speed range between 600 – 800 RPM, depending on polisher
4. Gradually increase speed to maximum 2000 RPM.
5. Polish until all imperfection are removed and gradually reduce speed.
6. After polishing remove any residue using clean microfiber cloth.

PC: B11733 Brayt T2 Antihologram & Microscratch Remover 250gm
PC: B11734 Bryat T2 Antihologram & Microscratch Remover 1kg