Brayt One Step Compounds - 3 Sizes Available


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BRAYT T ONE STEP it’s polishing compound suitable to use on every kind of varnish used in automotive sector, including hard scratch resistant lacquers (also ceramic lacquers).

BRAYT One Step Premium is an extremely efficient new generation polishing compound. Thanks to its high quality aluminum oxides content, it guarantees great effect in an easy one-step process. Quickly eliminates grit 1500 sanding marks and signs of wear ensuring the achievement of the perfect glossy finish. Optimal modern formulation prevents surface overheating and allows for easy cleaning.

Apply small amount of One Step Premium compound on the polishing pad or surface to be treated.
Polish with an orbital polisher in a speed range of 1200 – 1600 RPM (max. 2000 ) applying light or medium pressure.
Polish until all scratches have been removed.
Clean any compound residue with a microfiber cloth.
Change the polishing pad to a soft finishing foam and polish until full gloss is achieved.

PC: B11249 Brayt One Step Compound 250gm - Carton quantity 12.
PC: B12418 Brayt One Step Compound 500gm - Carton quantity 6.
PC: B11024 Brayt One Step Compound 1kg - Carton quantity 6.