AUSTTECH Rust Dissolver 1Lt

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Used in marine, farm & Industrial. For complete removal of rust. No need to wire brush, scrape or use descalers or other noisy or dangerous pieces of equipment or harmful poisonous liquids. Rejuvenate old tools, car parts, hinges, fittings, antiques, chains, padlocks or any one of a thousand other objects that only need to be free from corrosion to be useful once again. 

Austech Corrosion Dissolver will disolve away all forms of corrosion leaving the base metal to work with. The product is formulated to attack and dissolve the corrosion with no degradation of the base metal and may be used on all metals. Care should be taken with aluminum alloys containing large amounts of zinc. The process should be monitored carefully. Austech will not harm glass, rubber, plastic or sound paintwork. If corrosion is present beneath the surface of paint then Austech will remove the paint as the corrosion is dissolved. 

Austech Corrosion Dissolver is mixed at a ratio of 5 litres of water to 1 litre of concentrate. Immerse the object completely in the product. In 4-12 hours remove the object and wash off. If the process is incomplete replace the object in the water. After using the product, seal the container for later use. When the product becomes full of contamination pour off the useable liquid and dispose of the remaining sludge. Austech may be reactivated by adding further concentrate and water at the correct ratio.