Valspar AP33 1K Acrylic Primers - 2 Sizes Available


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This high build acrylic based product has unique properties that ensure that there is no need to apply separate putties and primers.

As the name suggests Valspar Acrylic Primer is two systems in one - a primer and a putty. Valspar Acrylic primer can be applied over properly prepared steel and aluminium already coated with an etch. Valspar Acrylic Primer can also be applied directly to fiberglass and gelcoat. Valspar Acrylic Primer is grey in color and is thinned, Valspar 2:1 with 30MP multipurpose thinners. AP33 is dry to sand in under an hour.

- Stir the product for 2 minutes to ensure uniformity of the content.
- Apply single medium wet coats.
- Allow 5 - 7 minutes to flash off in between each coat.
- Minimum dry film thickness is 45 micron and maximum is 100 micron N.B. Do NOT apply in conditions where humidity exceeds 80%.
- Pot life - Indefinite.