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Master Technique Filler Deal

  • Master Technique Filler Deal
    Master Technique Filler Deal

    Master Technique Filler Deal

    $53.55 $64.53

    Product code: M9544D


    Do it With Technique! For a limited time only receive:


    1. Master Technique Light Filler 3Lt – 15%.
    2. Master Turbo Glaze 450ml – 20%.
    3. Troton Filler Mixing board - 20%.
    4. Car Rep Guide Coat Black 500ml – 15%.
    Minimum order of 12 deals.
    Technique: The latest in European chemical technology! The qualities of this new age filler is its easy application, easy sanding & non-pinhole. Non sagging, non-shrinking or dragging formula. Adheres to the following substrates, mild steel, aluminium, zinc coated & galvanised steel.
    Master Turbo Glaze: Flowable self-levelling polyester putty for car body repairs. Can be used as both filling and finishing putty with excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces. Ideal for the application on large surfaces and for extra quick car body repairs.

    Car Rep guide Coat: Fast drying acrylic black control lacquer to be used as sanding aid. Formulates a thin, semi-transparent layer on top of putty or filler. Makes filling easier since the spots which need additional filling remain semi-transparent black. Only intended for use as sanding aid, not as overcoat. For fast drying time apply only in thin layers.





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