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150 x 30mm Orange Foam Velcro Pad

  • 150 x 30mm Orange Foam Velcro Pad

    150 x 30mm Orange Foam Velcro Pad

    Product code: ES070043



    Material: This polishing sponge pad is made of the high quality imported sponge, low density with firm struction, which can withstand high working strength.


    Size: 150 x 30 mm


    Application: This polishing sponge pad is suitable for the final finishing to remove the buffing swirls etc, apply wax, sealant and glaze.

    Character: Dozens of little gap in the sponge can collect and reserve excess polishing wax, and gradually outflow when polishing. For this design, you do not need stop working for waxing so that the working efficiency is enhanced, meanwhle reduce the waste of wax. This design can avail-ably prevent slip when sponge pad work on the smooth surface and reduce the heat generated from the surface friction between pad and work pieces.



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