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Nov 11, 2016

Vibac 313 is a masking tape that has been designed for high temperatures, automotive and industrial applications. Exceptional performance in non- professional applications and in automotive repair and professional body shops.


Vibac 313 is solvent and thinner resistant, provides instant adhesion, possesses excellent quick stick properties and sticks to a wide variety of irregularly shaped surfaces. Vibac 313 possesses good mechanical strength and is compatible with solvent and water paints and leaves no adhesive transfer when removed.

Performance Features Provides clean removal with no adhesive transfer on steel, glass, plastic and rubber. Found to remove cleanly at bake temperatures of up to 80°C (176°F) for 60 minutes. Clean removal can vary dependent on surface type, processing conditions (such as multiple bakes), type of paint involved as well as the temperature of the surface at time of removal.

We recommend testing of product under your specific conditions prior to usage to determine if it complies to your needs.

Exceptional adaptability which allows easy application on curved and irregular surfaces.

Resistance to solvent and water based paint splashes and abrasives.

Good holding power to help resist lifting and curling.

Easy hand tearable which provides precise usage while minimizing waste reduction.

Instant adhesion, sticks to a wide variety of surfaces.

Designed for interior and exterior use.

Surfaces to which tape is applied should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil or other contaminants.


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