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Tuesday, April 09, 2019 | 0 comments

Available now! 

Spray Shop Supplies is pleased to announce the launch of the new Express Repair System. Developed by Trotons R&D team, the brand new express system counts with two high technology products: PRIMER V2018 Ultimate Rapid Drying HS 4:1 (VOC=420 g/l) and CLEAR COAT C18 Ultimate Rapid Drying VHS 2:1 (VOC=355g/l).


The acrylic primer 1K V2018 Ultimate Rapid Drying HS 4:1 counts with anticorrosive properties and great adhesion to aluminum, zinc coated steel, polyester fillers as well as old coatings. Developed to make the repair not only quicker but easier, the best features of the V2018 lies in its easy application, great leveling effect and super fast drying, which allows for sanding after only 60 minutes at 20ºC. The V2018 primer is compatible with both waterborne and solvent based paint systems.

Available in: white, grey and black.


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